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Our desire is for every child to connect with the same leader every weekend, hang out with the same group of friends and learn that traveling this journey of faith is so much fun in a circle of community! For this to happen, it's important to make sure families attend the same service.

We cannot overstate the life-changing impact to a child and their family when they connect with the same leaders and group of peers every weekend. By attending the same service each week as a family, children find a place to belong with caring adults who believe in God and believe in them. Families will be known, cared for and partnered with in a way that is only possible if we see a family on a consistent basis as we work together to grow a child's faith.

Sign up now for your child to be assigned to a consistent, caring leader and the same group of peers for the school year. If you are unable to commit to attend the same service each week, you don't need to sign up.

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We realize for some families, committing to attend the same service may not be possible. We encourage your family to come as often as you can and there is no need to enroll your child in a small group. While your child may have a different leader each weekend they join us, they will still participate in a small group with kids their age.