About This Site

Our Logo . . . a reflection of who we are -
Grace is a collection of uniquely shaped people, where each person is encouraged to come as they are - rough edges and all. We all fit together in this place called Grace Church - a place for you to get connected and to use your unique experiences and gifts to serve God.

Thanks to Aspire One for teaming up with our leadership to design and develop this easy-to-navigate website.

This website is intended to be a tool for anyone who desires to learn more about Grace Church or get connected in any number of ways. Whether you are planning a visit, registering for a Growth Connection class, looking for a small group, or downloading a sermon, grace-alone.org is a simple first step to gathering the information you need.

To navigate the site, hover your mouse over the links at the top of the screen. If you are having a difficult time finding what you're looking for, use the Search Grace box on the left. For example, searching "sermons" results in a list of sermons available for download. Searching "pizza" yields zero results because, well, as to date we don't have a pizza ministry.

Here are some tech tips to maximize your experience: 

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